Swaraj offers a wide range of dry wire drawing machines for Low / High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Some of the features of our State-of-The-Art-Machine are as follows: –

  • Sturdy, compact and modular machine frame.
  • Block size: as small as 250mm to as big as 1200mm.
  • Maximum machine speed: up to 30m/sec.
  • Forged alloy steel drawing blocks, case hardened up to 62Hrc to make it extremely wear resistance and for long life span.
  • First block as overhead take off (OTO) with VFN arm.
  • Excellent block cooling by narrow gap cooling technique with self cleaning technique.
  • Drawing blocks are coated with rust preventive from inside.
  • Specialized die box with sensor control tuner arm.
  • Optimized die cooling. Adaptable to use pressure dies as well as conventional dies. Easy and quick changing of dies.
  • Adjustable in both the planes for better setting of cast and helix.
  • Vibration dampening rollers at high speed blocks.
  • Use of high efficiency gearbox.
  • Use of pneumatic disc brakes. Efficient braking at high speeds. With emergency stop, quick stop and normal stop features. Quick ramp-up and ramp-down time.
  • Motors and automation products such as drives, PLC, HMI and electric panel are of latest technology from world’s renowned brands.
  • Low power consumption as compared to other brands due to modern drive technology and efficient power kinematics.
  • Operator friendly interface for all machine operation.
  • Much better wire quality due to gentle handling of wire during drawing process.
  • Less vibration at higher speeds, low wire deviation, no torsion etc.
  • Low and easy maintenance. Easy troubleshooting.
  • Low noise level as compared to other brands.

Optional features: –

  • Last block as finishing block with special cast cleaning rollers for special wires.
  • Water flow indicators and temperature sensors.
  • Rotating dies and soap stirrer.
  • Block illumination.
  • Wire diameter measurement device.
  • Duct for dust collector vaccum system.
  • Remote connection through modem for online trouble shooting.
  • Wire break detector.
F - 36 xx 24 Inch